How To Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Business-Ultimate Guide 2023

As we all know, video marketing is growing and here you’ll receive our marketing agency insights, best practices and ideas to help your business grow. Today, I’m gonna be talking all about how to level up when it comes to video marketing. Every pro marketer knows that video is the now thing. It’s no secret that video works, because it’s more engaging, memorable and more popular than any other content format. Moreover, that’s because as humans are visual okay. We love to be able to connect with somebody on the other end of the screen and we see ourselves in that person in the video. It is the way to make that happen for your target audience. So today, I’m gonna share these tactics with you that how you as a startup and business owner can use them to captivate, motivate and inspire people to action. Are you ready?

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Highlight Video

Alright! coming in at number seven is the highlight video. Now the highlight video is perfect for anyone that wants to showcase an experience through video. A lot of times this happens with conferences and events, which I know less happens in winter but there might be lots in the spring and fall. Believe me, it’s a way to kind of convey an experience. So a lot of times we immediately think, mega conferences and all the cool features and effects in the video that goes out either you know after the conference but then it’s used again later in the year to sell tickets for the next year conference. These are great ways to use a highlight video, but there are a few other ways you might be able to use a highlight video that you haven’t thought about yet.

Recently we did a highlight video for a client that wanted to share the experience of the factory floor and all the capabilities that this client had in terms of manufacturing they wanted to share this experience through a super upbeat hype video. This highlight video that just kind of showed all these aspects to their potential clients. So they couldn’t always especially right now fly people into the factory and show them that what they were capable of. So it’s like OKAY let’s show them in an amazing highlight video that what we’re capable of and let them really get excited.

FAQ Video

So the number 6 video is the FAQ video. It really works for the professional services industry. You receive a lot of questions and typically these questions are going to be asked over and over and over again. Now what you might have done in the past is you might have created an FAQ page on your website on your firm site where you list out the questions and you already provided written answers and that’s great. But in this busy scheduled era, how many people actually take time to go and hunt for that answer. 

As a matter of fact, they’re probably not going to be doing that on your website. So the FAQ page at least as we know it really is not as appealing as it could and should be. Now you might be thinking, how should we use FAQ videos? Well we use FAQ videos on Social Media stories and YouTube. YouTube as you already know is the second most visited search engine. Now we know YouTube typically is a social network that I beg to differ.

YouTube is a search engine, this is where the power of YouTube comes into play. It’s a search engine because people go there to search and find solutions to their problems. However, they want to be able to see the solution rather than read the solution. Hence, an FAQ video is the perfect way to optimize the solution for that potential searcher because FAQ video take all the questions that you get on a regular basis. In this way, you can easily covert your viewers to your potential customers by adding value to their lives.

It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it-be unique, inspire, and connect.

Explainer Video

Number five is the explainer video. An explainer video takes a new or challenging concept and puts it into words, the words that the market and your potential customer or investor can understand. A lot of times, you see these videos on SAS sites or startups where they are doing things differently. They’re approaching the market or the pain point from a different angle, so they have to explain you know what it is, how they’re doing it, why it matters to the bottom line or why it matters to the customer and market as a whole.

Now a lot of times you’re gonna see at least if we produce the explainer video, you’re gonna see it animated. Because we believe animation is the perfect way to convey complex ideas.

Tutorial Video

Number four is the tutorial or how-to video which I’m a huge fan of. Remember I mentioned about YouTube that it’s the second largest search engine. People go there to find instant answers to the problems that they’re experiencing. People search how to operate a specific device they find difficulty in. They want to figure out, how to overcome this technical challenge that they’re having with a piece of device or software.

Why people go to YouTube first? This is because I don’t want to read lengthy back dated blog posts. Rather they just you go through and find a few videos that work for them that tell them how to do whatever it is they’re trying to do. This is where the tutorial and how-to video works. It sets you up as the expert. So the how-to video sets you up as the thought leader it gives the information that’s needed for the person that’s searching right here now and over time they will continue to see you as that thought leader as you continue to help or guide them and when the time’s right, they’re ready to become your customer.

Brand Video

Number three is the brand story video. This is one of those highly produced and very well thought-out video stories. When we do a brand story video, we sit down with multiple stakeholders, and try to pull out the experience that they have with the brand and help them articulate that through interviews. Through this a sit-down interview of 2 to 3 hours is converted into a 2 to 3 minute video.

This is important because you know that you can’t just give somebody a list of questions and let them know the questions in advance. And all of a sudden when they come in, they’re like a robot. They spout out the answers and leave. You can’t create an emotional, powerful, inspiring, captivating and motivating brand story video that way. So what we need to do is, invest one time in conversation. In this way you connect your purpose with the viewers purpose impactfully.

Testimonial Video

Now the number two video is something that you can do on your own. You won’t need us or any other agency, film or video production company to do this. It’s the testimonial video. It’s super important in conveying your credibility and trustworthiness as a business. And testimonials are one thing reviews that you convert into a video then the end user views him as a person that is like them. A person who shares common interest and has similar challenges. As nobody can speak about you and your business better than a customer_a happy customer. So when you have these happy customers, and I trust that you do have them a lot. You know most the time what you need to do is,get them on camera and ask them a few questions, record it and so that becomes the basis of a testimonial video.

If that’s not possible, ask them to shoot a selfie video on their phone and this is fine. We just want to convey that this is a real person who has real things to say about your business. It doesn’t have to be highly produced and Smart Phone is fine. Moreover, if they can’t do that or they don’t have the confidence to do the selfie video ask them if you can have a conversation with them on zoom and record it. We’re all familiar with zoom now and I know a lot of people have selfie lights right in front of their cameras or their laptops, so that they can do the zoom calls. You just organize a zoom call and ask them a few questions, record it and there you have it a testimonial video.

Teaser Video

My second favorite video type is the teaser video. Okay, now this might come as a surprise because the teaser video is definitely like promotional video. The teaser video is really an ad format. It is used for advertising on social media. As its name_ teaser video,it is a video that teases some other form of content. Social media is the best place to do this advertisement. These ad videos come from longer videos, like if we do a brand story video for viewers then we’re gonna produce teaser videos out of it, so that you can put those out on your social media to capture people’s interest and then to get them to come and watch the longer form of the video. The thing is people don’t have time to watch a five-minutes video on Facebook or Instagram so what you do is, you put a second teaser in there to grab the viewers’ attention. You invite them to come watch it on your site and over time you’re going to get more visitors to your site watching that video. This will also decrease your website’ bounce rate. So that’s how you use a teaser video. And if want us to create it for your business on the agency level, then we’re going to create multiple videos as evergreen content so your audience won’t get bored from the similar posts daily.

So these are my top seven most favorite video types. These are all video types that you could be and you probably should be using if you want to level up your video marketing game, and it’s important because 90%+ of all online traffic will be video traffic by the year 2023.

Hence, video is not just the future but it’s your present as well. Okay and we want to help you get succeeded. Of course we’re a full-service video marketing agency and when it comes to executing in digital you can’t execute without a strong online video component, and that’s where we come in. So if you are a marketing director, small business-owner, nonprofit director and you’re looking to level up to introduce video into your marketing strategy or just level up the video that you’re producing right now; reach out to us today, as we are just a message away.

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Here is the Top 5 Video Marketing Strategy that you can use for your Business Campaign

Prioritize Authenticity

Take up Social paids

Optimize User Experience Frequently

Create a Memorable Message for your Audience

Connect both offline and online Strategies properly

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